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After Breast Surgery Care

Innovative Personalized Services

Every woman is uniquely different, in body stature and emotional need. Our experience and knowledge of up-to-date restorative options will ensure success on your journey to wholeness.

Restoring your Body Image

Pink RibbonMastectomy, though a life saving procedure, can be devastating to the body image. This can further complicate the difficult process of emotional recovery. PROMIS is qualified and ready to help you during this recovery period with personalized mastectomy/ lumpectomy services and products to help restore your body image.

Wide Range of Products

Promis is an authorized provider of many of the top manufacturers of breast forms, equalizers and bras. We provide post-surgical soft bras and camisoles which have drain pouches with temporary cotton breast forms.


Our professional staff is ready to answer your questions regarding products, services and insurance coverage. You are invited to contact us for a free consultation to discuss and evaluate your specific needs.

Marychris Sheppard, CFM is our ABC certified fitter bringing over a twenty years of specialized care to women.